Screening is a public health intervention which invites groups of healthy population selected by age to undergo specific diagnostic tests, in order to reduce the mortality rate of certain diseases, detecting them in an early-stage asymptomatic phase.

      Scientific evidence shows how these programs applied to the oncology field are effective in changing the natural history of some tumors: in many cases, they are able to detect the disease in its early stage when treatment has a very high chance of success, allowing to improve the quality of life.

      Oncologic Screenings are such an important component of the public health system in Italy, that they are included in the LEA (Essential Assistance Levels), all the health services that are offered to the citizen nationwide.

      Breast cancer, uterine cervix cancer and colorectal cancer are three of the main tumors which affect the Italian population. For the prevention of such diseases, the Ministry of Health, with the National Prevention Plan and the Department of Health, with the Regional Prevention Plan, have foreseen the organization of screening campaigns aimed at particular population groups, selected by age, considered at risk.

      Each citizen, in the age group required by every single type of screening, receives an invitation to do a test and follow the prevention path. Responding to the invitation is active and conscious participation in the Prevention Plan. In case of doubtful or positive tests results, a totally free of charge in-depth diagnostic-therapeutic path is planned in compliance with the strict quality indicators provided by the national and international guidelines.

      Breast cancer prevention
      Women aged between 50 and 69 are invited to do a mammography every two years.

      Cervix tumor prevention
      Women aged between 25 and 64 are invited to do a PAP-test every three years

      Colorectal cancer prevention
      Men and women aged between 50 and 69 are invited to do a SOF test (the test of the fecal occult blood) every two years .

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