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      The Screening Coordination Unit (U.O.C.S.) and the Operational Unit of Health Education (U.O.E.S.A.) respond to the office of Strategic Staff Coordination, under the company’s Management.


      The Screening Coordination Unit carries out activities of technical-operative coordination involving the Managing Representatives of the three Screenings, the Health Education Unit and the Health Service Management;

      it manages relations with the District Health Education Units, with General Practitioner Doctors and voluntary associations;

      it coordinates the professional figures involved in the various stages of the screening process, to ensure compliance with diagnostic-therapeutic protocols and quality control;

      it promotes screening programs in provincial areas through information campaigns in order to raise awareness among the population and encourage citizen empowerment;

      it plans and organizes, together with the District Health Education Units, the diffusion of screening programs ensuring their full implementation throughout provincial areas;

      it coordinates those activities which lead to a continuous quality improvement and manages relations with service-users to achieve the most effective user’s involvement in the screening process;

      it deals with the epidemiological data flow and the processing of information indicators regarding screening activities as required by Assessorato Regionale Salute and by the Ministry (of Health); data is also reported to the Cancer Registry.


      The U.O.E.S.A manages external relations with provincial, regional, extra-regional authorities and institutions and, in particular, with private and public schools and residential communities;

      it carries out technical-operative coordination activities between the single districts and Management of the Health Service;

      in coordination with the District Units, it promotes initiatives involving more districts;

      it elaborates methodological guidelines on health education;

      it collaborates, for what it concerns, with Management offices;

      it prepares the company’s Health Education Plan;

      it coordinates the implementation of the Education Plan with the other departments of the Company;

      it reports annually to the General Manager, to the Health Service Manager and to Assessorato Regionale Sanità, on the activities performed;

      it verifies the implementation of the company’s Health Education Projects.

      Promotional activities and Health Education initiatives involve the entire regional health and social care system and represent an important means to:

      guarantee fair access to health care services to all citizens;

      encourage citizens to take personal responsibility for their own physical, psychological and social health, promoting a healthy life-style and developing the ability to participate actively in their own medical care (outpatient, home care, hospital treatment)

      satisfy the citizen’s right to be informed;

      improve the quality of therapeutic interventions and the humane approach of the doctor –patient relationship and of all the relations between citizens and health services;

      encourage the cooperation between institutions and improve the capacity to provide multi-professional interventions, in particular in the health and social care sector (L. 328/2000).

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